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Christoforos Korovesis
Owner & operator

Born and raised in Athens to a Parian mother, Christoforos studied English literature at postgraduate level and worked for many years for private firms in Athens, first in education and then in communication and marketing. Having spent most of his summers enjoying the great Paros outdoors, he moved to the island in 2012 and decided to start Paros Hikes, to be able to do what he likes most: walking, hiking and showcasing the beautiful, unspoilt and largely undiscovered side of Paros that lies beyond the mass tourism facade. With years of mountaineering experience and a member of EPOS Filis Mountaineering Club, Christoforos is now a trained Eco-Tours Escort (South Aegean Prefectural Administration) and a certified First Aid Provider (Hellenic Red Cross). Apart from English and Greek, Christoforos speaks some Italian and German. His other interests include photography (www.islandstills.wordpress.com), film-making, script-writing for cinema, and poetry.


Lambros Hatsilarkos
Tour guide

After an early retirement from a career in education (another English teacher!), Lambros closely cooperates with Paros Hikes not just by conducting walks, but also sharing his love and deep knowledge of the island’s footpaths, history and traditions. An avid, veteran hiker, he has climbed most Greek mountains (and quite a few abroad!); as a life-long Paros fan and a resident since 1998, he has literally walked every inch of the place. Anywhere you want to go on Paros & Antiparos, you can rely on Lambros to take you there, with knowledge and safety!

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