Although we will make every effort to offer a safe tour to participants, Paros Hikes cannot and will not be held responsible for any accidents, mishaps, injuries or loss of life directly or indirectly related to participation in any tour. All our tours are at the customers’ own risk and all participants in all tours are aware that all outdoor activities in the terrain of the Cycladic islands of Greece may involve danger. Customers’ participation in any tour(s) implies their full and unconditional acceptance of the statements above.
Children will not be accepted unaccompanied and will remain at the care of their parents/guardians throughout the tour(s).


We do not sell or provide insurance of any kind. We strongly recommend customers to buy good insurance with full coverage before they embark on any kind of travel, particularly if it includes outdoor activities.

Right to Cancel/Modify Tour & Liability

Paros Hikes/the tour leader reserves the right (in any given tour) to modify the route, timetables, start or end point or any other detail they/he is responsible for, on account of weather conditions, the safety or the well-being of tour participants and tour leader. Paros Hikes/the tour leader reserve the right to refuse participation to any customer in any tour. Paros Hikes/the tour leader also reserve the right to cancel any tour in the face of extraordinary circumstances or ‘force majeure’ and Paros Hikes will refund any booking or reservation payments made with regards to the given tour. In any event, Paros Hikes will not be responsible for any additional costs (i.e. transportation) that may occur, as the result of change of route, delay, or cancellation of any tour.

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