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Walking in the countryside of Paros
Discover the essence of the Cyclades
Walking in the countryside of Paros

The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot.

Werner Herzog, German director

Walk or cycle with us to enjoy unlimited vistas of the Aegean archipelago on the hills and mountains of Paros, Antiparos, Iraklia and Donousa, in the heart of the Cyclades islands… Lose yourself in Byzantine footpaths, leading to picturesque old settlements and farms, ancient remains, chapels and monasteries… Follow the trails of wild goats on craggy hillsides and ridges, bathed in the unique Cycladic light… Discover discreet sandy beaches and the wild beauty of rocky shores… Smell the herbs and the flowers… Taste local cheese & wine coming from a tradition of centuries… And take the pictures to remind yourself of a truly unforgettable experience.

We emphasize safety, personal service & attention to detailRevisiting millennia-old walking routes, Paros Hikes is a local, cooperative eco-tourism enterprise, offering a diversity of guided walking, hiking, cycling and cultural tours on the islands of Paros and Antiparos. Our aim is to give the people who join us an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate our islands’ nature, tradition and taste, ultimately offering a unique sporting and cultural experience. Operating in small groups of up to 10 persons, we emphasize personal service, safety, and attention to detail.

From April to October, we do easy to moderate difficulty mixed group walking/hiking tours most Thursdays & Sundays, sometimes of naturalist, cultural or archeological interest. Routes are 4-15 km-long all over the islands, please see our upcoming tours program.
Our walking/cycling tours are Eco-Tours, meaning that apart from seeking natural beauty and walking/cycling pleasure in a well-chosen, scenic route, a local escort will give you (in fluent English, or passable French and Italian) all the information you need to appreciate the natural environment, the landscape, the history and the current situation of the place and the people.

We also offer our signature private Food & Culture tours with a strong Parian flavor, usually including tasting of local wines & produce or our special “Taste of Paros” wine picnic, for a rich Cycladic island experience.

‘You never know a place unless you have walked it’ – or cycled it, we might add. Join us to discover the beauty of our islands!

Learn more about who we are & what you need to know before you join our tours.

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