See Paros, Antiparos & the Small Cyclades islands as never before…

Come with us to explore unique landscapes and unlimited sea-views on the hills, mountain-tops and coastlines of Paros Island, the center of the Cyclades circle, and its neighboring islands!  Walking, cycling and cultural tours on Paros & Antiparos… Experience nature, taste and cultural heritage on the islands in the most authentic way: walking (or cycling!) right in it!

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Let us take you on a short journey in the nature, history, taste and tradition of the islands by exploring our ‘monopatia’, centuries-old but now largely forgotten footpaths, or country dirt tracks. Give yourself a chance to see and feel the beautiful countryside and the hidden, lace-like coastline, as well as amazing views on top of the hills and mountains of Paros, the center of the Cyclades islands, or Antiparos, its smaller, wilder sister. Find yourselves in unique Cycladic landscapes using only the power of your own two feet, bicycle or e-bike!

Paros Hikes offer active, cultural and food tours for mixed or private groups, with a local and passionate spirit. Aiming to provide a genuine experience of our islands’ nature and cultural heritage, we operate in small groups, emphasizing attention to detail and personal service.

Our Active Tours vary in duration (2h30m – 6h) and difficulty – from countryside walks to mountain hiking adventures; you can also combine bicycle-riding tours with walking in our signature Bike & Hike options, using regular bikes or e-bikes. In their design, we try to blend natural & man-made scenic beauty, cultural & historical sights, quality of light (morning, sunset or moonlight) and orientation shifts. A local, well-versed guide will give you ‘insider’ information (in fluent English or passable French) about the flora & fauna, landscape, history and situation of the place and the people… and our special “Taste of Paros’ wine picnic will nicely round off the experience!

Coming from our own involvement with local folk, their culture and their ways, our Cultural & Food Tours emphasize genuine local food and culture. In our Paros Herbs, Cheese & Wine tour you will meet with local farmers and producers, and appreciate not just the ambiance and the flavors, but also the authenticity of gestures; in our Parian Marble tour you will follow the fascinating history of the once-renowned ‘Parian Stone’, but also see how the story continues; in our Photowalks we hope to show you – and help you capture – the essence of Paros, not mere photogenic spots.

Exclusive or tailored activities available too, just let us know what you want, and surely we can arrange it for you!

Please visit our sister site Walking Plus if interested in walking holidays in the Cyclades with a local, passionate flair.

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