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Tours with focus on history

Exploring the Cave of Nymphs, Marathi

Parian Marble Tour

Follow the 2500-year-old trail of the famed ‘Parian stone’, the raw material of ancient sculpted masterpieces, with a marble tour around Paros town, followed by a visit of the site of the ancient marble quarries in Marathi, to seek the traces of ancient stone-cutters… and to see what Parians make of the stone today! Transfer & wine picnic included
Level: Easy

Ruined windmills off Lefkes

In the Valleys of Lefkes & Marpissa: 3 Hikes

Longer or shorter (9-13km), easy walks or rewarding hikes, the broader Lefkes and Marpissa valley has it all; island nature at its purest, countryside beauty of old and traditional village charm- even a beach-ending walk!
Level: Easy

Lupin fields en route to Thapsana, Paros island

The Paros Town- Kakapetra- Thapsana- Marathi Hike

A distinctive inland hike from Parikia mostly on old, forgotten hillside footpaths, passing by unspoilt rural landscapes en route to Thapsana Monastery on the mountains before descending to the valley of Vounia and Marathi. Includes an exploration of the ancient marble quarries’ site and a visit to the 16th c. Aghios Minas monastery – Can be extended to a 6h circular tour.Level: Moderate

Drawing on ancient marble quarry walls, Paros

The Livadia- Marathi- Aghios Minas- Ancient Quarries Hike

An 11.5/13.5 km circular hike from Livadia beach in Parikia to rural Marathi, including a visit to the ancient marble quarries and the 17th c, Aghios Minas monastery. We walk on part of the old Byzantine Way to Lefkes, old footpaths and gravel roads, enjoying marvelous views to the bay of Parikia and Paros inland.
Level: Moderate

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