What you need to know

What you need to know before your tour
  • Food & Drink Where mentioned, a picnic lunch/ light snack/ refreshment will be offered en route, usually towards the end of the hike. Our special “Taste of Paros” picnic comprises fresh local vegetables (organic when possible). local cheese and delicacies, a cooked vegetarian dish based on a traditional recipe and local home-made wine, whereas our “aperitivo” light lunch includes local cheese, olives, plum tomatoes, a local delicacy (i.e. stuffed vine leaves) and local home-made wine.
    For any type of tour, but especially for hiking or Bike & Hike tours, we recommend a good breakfast at the hotel prior to the tour.
    Water is also scarce on Paros: with the exception of Cultural & Food Tours, participants are also advised to carry at least a liter of water per person and light snacks (i.e. cereal bars or fruit/dry fruits and nuts).

  • Transportation- Active Tours : In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint and stay true to our eco-tourism principles, Paros Hikes tours are designed in coordination with municipal bus service timetables, with easily accessible departure points from the Parikia Bus terminal. Bus or other transportation tickets are not included in the tour cost, unless explicitly stated.
    Hotel pickup/drop off can always be arranged by private transfer or taxi at extra charge depending on tour start and hotel location. Many of our tours are circular or end at locations offering catering facilities and attractions (check route descriptions).

  • Transportation- Food & Culture Tours : Hotel pickup/drop off is included in tour price in our minibus, provided your accomodation location is within 1.5km from main village centers. Extra charges apply for transfer to/from remote accommodation locations.

  • Experience & PreparationNo hiking or mountaineering experience is required in most walks/hikes, however participants should be in good physical shape and have no hindering medical condition; they should also carry any medication they have been prescribed. Good running shoes are an absolute minimum, whereas trail running or walking shoes/boots are recommended. Participants should pack an extra pair of socks and a T-shirt, as well as bathing suit and towel on coastal walks. Hats, sunglasses & suntan lotion are always necessary (well, not on moonlight walks!). A pair of hiking poles can be provided free of charge.

  • Group Size & AgesUsually 6-7 persons and up to 12 pax – Participants over 10 y.o.a. (does not apply in private or family tours)

  • SafetyAlthough we give emphasis to walking enjoyment and ‘soft’ adventure, Paros Hikes hiking & cycling tours are designed and executed with the safety principle squarely in mind. Participants are given individual attention or help in difficult passages (if necessary) by experienced guides who are well-acquainted with the island terrain and trails and are fully First Aid and CPR certified. On Paros in particular, 99.5% of our hiking/walking routes are covered by mobile phone network and are never farther than 0.5 km away from carriage road network. For the duration of any given tour, an associate is always on standby for any medical or other emergency.

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